Two New Properties

We have successfully negotiated for two additional properties, both within the city centre, both within the same street, numbers 46 and 48 Cecil Street. Although this is our first excursion out of the west of Carlisle, there is a strong case for their acquisition as it does contribute to the fulfilment of our stated aims and purposes. 

One of the properties will be used as a second charity shop and will work in conjunction with our existing charity shop in Raffles. The funds raised through this will be used to contribute to the support of the community work we do in Raffles and assist in funding its continued development. 

The second property is more directly aligned to our aims and purposes in that it impacts, facilitates and encourages the expansion of our alternative education and youth work. The acquisition of this property means that this work will now be able to take place in one property with all staff located in the one building. This second property also releases much needed space in our property in Raffles for use in developing our community work there. 

This is an exciting development as we enter the final quarter of our third year of trading as Community Reach, and there is more come over the next couple of months!